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Laser Tattoo Removal in London

For laser tattoo removal in London, our clinic has a state of the art PicoSure Laser and a very experienced tattoo removal expert to remove every type or colour of tattoo.  Whether you would like to have a small piece of writing removed or a whole sleeve, our London studio is equipped to remove it as quickly, safely and effectively as possible.  Because our PicoSure laser is the most advanced on the market, we can often completely remove tattoos and never leave any scarring.

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Tel: 01273 724815

Fastest & Safest Laser Tattoo Removal in London

Our London clinic is 100% dedicated to laser tattoo removal.  We can remove any colour of tattoo as our laser uses two different wave lengths to target certain colours.  As such, we can completely remove 95% of tattoos and significantly fade all tattoos to allow for effective cover ups.  The PicoSure tattoo removal laser we use at our London clinic fires much more quickly than normal lasers and literally blasts the tattoo ink particles apart so they can be absorbed naturally into the body.  This method of tattoo removal is far more effective than other methods so fewer sessions are needed to fade or totally remove tattoos.

Skin Treatments in London

Dan Leonard is fully trained and highly experienced in removing all sizes, shapes and colours of tattoos.  He has removed literally hundreds of tattoos from all kinds of people including those who only have one tattoo to those whose whole bodies are covered in tattoos.  Being so experienced, he can advise you on things like how long each tattoo removal session will roughly take and when your tattoo is faded enough to be covered over effectively.

Our London studio is very close to a bus stop and just over 5 minutes’ walk from London Liverpool Street train station.

We are located in London, so are surrounded by places to eat and drink including Café Nero, Starbucks, KFC, Subway and more.

Liverpool Street is up there with Shoreditch as a major East London destination. From great views of London to one of the capital’s coolest secret bars, here are a few of the best things to do in and near Liverpool Street.

Browse Old Spitalfields Market

Selling everything from bags and clothes to vinyl records and board games, Old Spitalfields Market is a popular spot for tourists, locals and city workers alike. There is also an abundance of food places with something for pretty much every craving imaginable, including plenty of burger shacks for all the fussy eaters out there.

Have a drink in Dirty Dicks, a pub that derives its name from a warehouse owned by Richard Bentley, an 18th century merchant who is said to have stopped cleaning – his home, his shop, his warehouse and even himself – after the death of his fiancée. Fortunately Dirty Dicks no longer tries to emulate Bentley’s slovenly state, but remnants of the pub’s dirty days have been encased in glass and can be found on display downstairs.

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